Hindustani Music Club announces its membership audition results

Following candidates have been selected for the membership of Hindustani Music Club after the first audition held on 15th, 16th and 17th September 2017. Those who have not filled their membership form yet are hereby informed to submit their membership forms on or before 30 September 2017 in the CEC office, otherwise, the membership will be canceled.

Sr. No. Name En. No. Category
1 Saman Khan GB9250 Vocal
2 Faizan Ahmad GB6002 Vocal
3 Asif Saud GH3267 Vocal
4 Mohd Anas GH4516 Vocal
5 Arushi Varshney GK0164 Vocal
6 Manshi Singh GI5111 Vocal
7 Mohd Talib GJ7168 Vocal
8 Prashant Kumar GJ4746 Vocal
9 Imkan Abbas GK0613 Vocal
10 Mohd Ovesh GH9338 Vocal
11 Mohd Washeem GH6383 Vocal
12 Suhail Yusuf GH8669 Vocal
13 Yugraj Singh GJ8219 Vocal
14 Safia Parvez GK0519 Vocal
15 Mohd Sahil Khan GG1031 Vocal
16 Zain Saeed GJ7635 Vocal
17 Kunal Bhalla GK3355 Vocal
18 Sualeha Akhtar FC2229 Vocal
19 Kapil Kumar GJ5546 Vocal
20 Sadia Khan GC8416 Vocal
21 Sana Naaz GK2979 Vocal
22 Yusra Khanam GJ6803 Vocal + Harmonium
23 Samra Siddiqui GK2910 Vocal
24 Shrutika Varshney GF0731 Vocal + Harmonium
25 Nahida Tabassum GK2904 Vocal
26 Qurratul Ain GK2827 Vocal
27 Yusra Fazili GK2828 Vocal
28 Alisha Zaidi GG6104 Vocal + Harmonium
29 Mohd Umair Ahmed GH2301 Vocal
30. Shumail Ansari GJ7662 Vocal



Mohd. Alqamar

(Club Functionary, UMHC)