Fine Arts Club


It was established in 1977. Its aim is to foster an artistic environment in the University and develop an appreciation of art and aesthetics in the student community. Painting, poster designing, cartoon making, clay modeling and still photography are the main thrust area of this club. The students from this club have represented the university in various Zonal and National Youth Festivals and have bought laurels to the campus.


Dr. Rehana Khusro (Associate Professors in the Department of Fine Arts) – Dr. Rehana Khusro is a well known international artist, participated in many international and national exhibitions, workshops and seminars. She is a painter, sculptor, and singer. She won many awards and prizes in painting, sculpture, music, drama, dance and games. Her main focus as a teacher is Indian miniature painting contemporary art, landscape, calligraphy, mural, and creative compositions. She had a solo-show of her paintings in Dubai. She held many group painting exhibitions in Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Agra, Lucknow, Bareilly, Noida and Aligarh.

Dr Waseem Mushtaq Wani (Associate Professors in the Department of Fine Arts) – As an artist Dr. Waseem’s exhibitions have been sponsored by some of the reputed art galleries of India, such as Art Heritage, British Council, Vision, The Center of Art in Delhi, Nandan Gallery, Santinekatan, L.K.K. Lucknow.

Among the international artists workshops and residencies that Dr. Waseem has participated the most notable are: Khoj Kasheer, and ‘Imagine Peace!’ organized by KHOJ, International Artists’ Association, Delhi; ‘Logistics of Perception: Images from Conflict Zones’ organized by MAJLIS, Mumbai. Four of his art-videos were screened at the department of Visual Culture, Goldsmiths, London.


Dr. Abdur Rahman (Assistant Professor, Department of Fine Arts) – His main aim is to remain involved in creative pursuits with a focus on Painting/ Fine Arts and help his pupils to promote skills and aesthetic consciousness. His career is a collection of many professional and artistic laurels.

Secretary (2017-18)

Ms. Afreen Khan


Regular classes of sketches, portraits and theoretical current affairs related to art, artwork, artist etc.

EVENTS like ART MANIA on 18-19 of November 2016 in which the club conducted competitions like leaf painting ,collage, creative corner, lamp making . Club introduced a new competition of ‘leaf painting’ which proved to be very interesting, as it was an entirely new concept. To improve the participant’s creativity the club had events like creative corner and lamp making.

ART MANIA 2016 was followed by a workshop called ‘FOLK AND TRIBAL’ in which three renowned artist came to the Fine Arts Club. The workshop was conducted with the collaboration of all clubs from cec. It was a three day workshop with lots of events and competition, and a impressive exhibition on last day ended with a grand cultural evening.

Past Secretaries

  1. Mr. Naim Akhtar : 1977-1978
  2. Mr. Salman Zaidi : 1978-1979
  3. Mr. A. H. Saban : 1979-1983
  4. Mr. Izhar H. Nizami : 1983-1984
  5. Mr. Iftkhar Alam : 2011-2012
  6. Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad : 2012-2013
  7. Mr. Md. Azad Ansari : 2013-2014
  8. Mr. Md. Adil Karim (Joint Secretary): 2013-2014
  9. Mr. Tarique Anwar : 2014-2015
  10. Miss. Shaiqa Tabassum : 2015-2016
  11. Miss. Nagma Shamim : 2016-2017
  12. Miss. Afreen Khan (Joint Secretary): 2016-2017


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