Time & Talent

We are deeply moved and highly grateful to Ms. Wajiha Khan, Ex Member Literary Club. She had resiliently worked for months to launch this CEC Website. She had put-up her best with gifted literary acumen and aesthetic intellect in content writing and designing of this Website, which was earlier hopelessly stuck-up between the lackluster attitude of its earlier collaborators and high aesthetic expectancies attached to it. She definitely belongs to the lost tribe of those art enthusiasts, who always served with commitment and diligence for literary and cultural preferment.

We are also grateful to Mr Faraz Zaidi, our highly talented, lens- man. Who has contributed with some marvelous pictures of buildings and also individuals with unaccounted photo sessions and postproduction with another gifted graphic designer at CEC Mr Abdul Mannan.

Mr. Talib Bilgirami, Ex member of Western Music Club, has been instrumental and very obliging whenever, we required him for the selection, procurement and consultation for articles and equipment, since 2012 till his marriage in 2016.He was man Friday for CEC.

Mr. Nasar Al Hadi has conducted workshop for UDLC members in 2014 .

Mr. Saeed Alam (noted play wright & Director) has conducted two days workshop for the members of University Drama Club in 2016.

Mr. Anubhav Sinha (Film maker & Director, Mumbai) & Ex Member of UDC has spend whole day with the members of UDC instead of his busy scedule on 15/10/2016.

We are highly thankful to Mr. Meraj Ahmad Ex Sec UDC, who has been regularly conducting workshops and Direction for University Drama Club since 2013.


Dr. Masroor Seth (Mumbai) Ex Sec of Hindustani Music Club has funded the CEC Website in 2014.

Mr. Kaunain Shahidi (UAE) has contributed for the renovation of filthy CEC Washrooms in 2014.

Advocate Imtiyaz Ali Khan (New Delhi) has generously contributed in the renovation derive of Pep Room and Smart Class Room at CEC in 2015.

Mr. Mansur Ali (UAE) has gifted two Air Conditioners for the CEC Library in 2015.