Message of the Coordinator

F S Sherani pt

Prof. F S Sherani

Coordinator - CEC

The Aligarh Muslim University Cultural Education Centre is amongst the University’s finest co-curricular & extracurricular platform, and a place of unlimited creative discoveries.

In preserving this unit structurally and functionally, the Cultural Education Center is engaged in an important cultural stewardship. We share these resources with students and teachers, with an intellectually curious public, and with the elite personalities from art and culture who come from across the Nation to interact, evaluate, conduct workshop, training and to assure skill transfer. Even as we support these present uses, we are mindful that we also hold these collections and connections in trust for future generations who, for years to come, will visit here to advance this ongoing work.

We are continuing to seek new ways to support cultural leadership, over all development of students, and new ways to share the Cultural Education Centre through exhibitions, talk shows, movies, musical programs, readings, invited lectures, debates and other public programs. I invite you to visit often, either in person or online, and to take part in the cultural life of this remarkable community.

This platform of Cultural Education Center serves our co-curricular and extracurricular initiatives, and in doing so, it helps the Aligarh Muslim University fulfill its commitments as one of the leading and culturally sound Universities in the Nation.