Hobbies Workshop


Prof Monis Reza and Joseph Stein originally conceptualize this club while designing the format and activities of General Education Centre in 1960. The Hobbies Workshop was originally planned to start under the highest tiers of the proposed open-air amphitheater of 6000 seating capacity. But due to some reasons the proposed amphitheater could not be built and hobbies workshop was shifted to a new block containing few rooms near Sarojini Naidu Hall. The said building again handed over to newly started Department of Physical Education, and Hobbies Workshop were given under the charge of the then General Education Centre in 2006. The whole machines and tools were shifted to three rooms adjacent to the then Archeological Museum in front of Old Guest house. In 2014 the Hobbies Workshop had shifted to Kennedy House Complex.


Dr. Aziz Faisal (Assistant Professor, Department of History)

Secretary (2017-18)

 Mr. Basil Hanafi






Machine Designs

Software & Mobile Apps Development

Gardening & Horticulture

Key Achievements

Hobbies Workshop hold a The Guinness World Record of making the largest envelope which was 36 feet 1 inch in length and 24 feet 11 inch in width.

Past Secretaries

  1. Mr. Al-Shaz Fatmi : 2002-2003
  2. Miss. Sanju Verma : 2003-2004
  3. Mr. Syed Mohammad Uzair Iqbal : 2004-2005
  4. Mr. Nadeem Sohail : 2006-2007
  5. Mr. M. Shahbaz Husain : 2008-2009
  6. Mr. Furqan Ahmad : 2009-2010
  7. Mr. Iftikhar Ansari : 2010-2011
  8. Mr. Iftikhar Alam : 2011-2012
  9. Mr. Syed Nabeel Mehdi : 2012-2013
  10. Mr. Gaurav Saraswat : 2013-2014
  11. Mr. Zulnoorain Khairoowala : 2014-2015
  12. Mr. Imran Khan : 2015-2016
  13. Romana Safdar: 2016-2017


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