Duties of Coordinator

Coordinators ‘Duty is

(2A: 1)First duty is to coordinate programs, events, functions, festivals etc. of different clubs of CEC, and also and other functions of university whenever he/she has been assigned for.

(2A: 2)To promote intra disciplinary and coordinated activities amongst the different cultural clubs i.e. Broadway theater (Music + Drama), Lit Music (Literature +Music) etc.

(2A: 3)To encourage and support cultural activities and maximum engagement of students and utilization of there time talent and treasure for creative and optimum use.

(2A: 4)To arrange/allocate funds from the budgetary allocation/student’s head of CEC or get special sanction of the grant for buying & purchase of equipment, furniture etc. or to organize/promote events, competitions, workshops, festivals, tours, exhibitions, programs etc of different clubs CEC.

(2A: 5)To encourage out-reach cultural activities by sending teams, experts, by conducting/supervising competitions, workshops within the campus and outside university.

(2A: 6)In case of the absence/sudden disappearance of any President may act as acting president of that club or request any of the presidents of clubs to take additional charge of that club for a short span of time, but the coordinator CEC shall not hold the post of the President of any club on permanent basis in order to give fare deal to all the clubs.

(2A: 7)However coordinator could extend or offer his/her services, to any cultural discipline of which he/she possesses expertise or invited for.

(2A: 8)As a an administrator/in-charge of whole buildings of Kennedy House Complex the Coordinator CEC shall be responsible for the repair, up keep and maintenance of this property. Whenever required the coordinator shall report to the concerned department and ensure that correction shall be done at par with the prescribed standard.

(2A: 9)To ensure discipline and peace in the CEC campus, he/she shall coordinate/cooperate with Proctorial staff and vigilance team at CEC.

(2A: 10)The coordinator shall keep control over the booking of the facilities at Kennedy House Complex i.e. Kennedy Auditorium, Lecture Theater, Lawns, etc. He/she has to coordinate, rearrange programs/dates to accommodate cultural as well as academic activities i.e. seminars, conferences of different departments in the Kennedy House and/or on other venues if his /her services would be required.

(2A: 11)He / She will be responsible to inform and get permission from the competent authority on the visiting guests/dignitaries schedule to visit Kennedy House with dates and nature of the program scheduled in any one of the venues mentioned above. In case of rejection from the competent authority, the same shall be communicated to the applicant in writing.

(2A: 12)With the help of supporting staff, the coordinator has to look after the arrangements of all the university functions by providing them desired technical support i.e designing, decoration, aesthetical implications, sound, light arrangements, sitting arrangements, publicity, venue guidance, distribution etc.

(2A: 13)The coordinator shall be the deposit/disburse authority of CEC funds, revolving fund etc, and also submit annual account to internal as well as central audit.

(2A: 14)As a administrative officer of CEC, the Coordinator has to represent CEC in all the meetings and boards.

(2A: 15)Although this is a ancillary assignment but presence of coordinator in the office shall be desired/expected on every working day or even on holidays if required i.e at least an hour/day.

(2A: 16)The Coordinator shall be sole responsible to select his/team of Presidents, Mentors, members of advisory boards etc. He/she shall send their names, assignments (as president or mentor of the club), and department from where they belong to, to the competent authority for the approval.

(2A: 17)The coordinator is the final authority to take decision on behalf of Board of Presidents and CEC, and bond to obey, communicate and execute the orders of the competent authority to fullest.

(2A: 18)On the end of every academic session, the coordinator shall compile and submit the annual report of CEC and a brief of its achievements to the competent authority.

(2A: 19)The Coordinator CEC shall be answerable for any debility in the cultural activity graph, or any misdeed in the funds, space or infrastructure of CEC.

(2A: 20)The coordinator CEC is authorized to depute CEC staff, to decide on their duty chart, assignments etc, issuing of show cause notices, certificates, testimonial etc.

(2A: 21)The coordinator CEC is authorized to call a meeting of the Board of Presidents (BOP) (with at least 50% representation of clubs through Presidents or Mentors), Panel of Secretaries (With at least 70 % representation of clubs through Secretaries/ Student Conveners) Advisory Board, Alumni Affair Committee CEC &of various cultural clubs as and when needed/desire to review the progress, activity calendar etc or to take some important decisions. The minutes of that meeting(s) shall send to the competent authority for the approval.

(2A: 22)In some exceptional cases the coordinator CEC shall poses an authority to recommend/suggest expulsion/removal of President/ Mentor/Secretary/ Student Convener of a club from his/her post to the competent authority. However, in the first instance the coordinator shall issue a show-cause notice to the person(s) concern, or constitute a inquiry committee to assess the gravity of misdemeanor or complaint(s) and after getting written replay or inquiry report, if not satisfied, then he/she shall send the recommendation of removal from the post to the competent authority. The same procedure shall be followed in case of removal of Secretary/ Student Convener of clubs. This procedure shall not be applicable in case of some gross offences i.e severe physical, mental torture/trauma, sexual harassment/ assault, cheating, misuse or severe damage to the property, dignity of a person or reputation of university etc. wherein the immediate removal from the post shall be recommended to the competent authority.

(2A: 23)The coordinator shall constitute a CEC Advisory Board (CECAB) comprising of experts from performing arts, literature, and technical support team of Sound, Lights, Architecture, Engineers, Innovators, and Photography, Films etc (preferably alumni) to take advice and valuable suggestion as and when required. While appointing coordinator CEC the competent authority shall seek CECAB’s advice & help to identify the suitable person for the post. The coordinator shall authorize to invite some special experts in the CECAB meeting if their expertise is required or so.

(2A: 24)Similarly the coordinator shall be expected to attract donors to invest for the development of infrastructure and assets for the benefit of CEC and larger interest of students and the institution i.e. AMU. For that purpose the coordinator shall design, organized fund raising campaign with the help of Alumni of CEC/AMU and other organizations working in the field of cultural promotion etc.

(2A: 25)The coordinator shall look after the communication and contacts with Cultural Coordinators of other institutions for better exposure of the student members through cultural exchange programs i.e invited lectures, sponsored workshops, crash courses and summer camps etc.

(2A: 26)The coordinator shall look after the PR/Press/Media segment of CEC for proper news and updated press releases to be sent to Public Relation Office of AMU or presented in the press conference and updates information on Web sites. (a1) The Coordinator with the consultation of Presidents and Secretaries of various clubs shall constitute teams of students to participate in different festivals/ competitions in Aligarh or any other cities/places/institutions etc. He/she shall ensure their safe and comfortable journey by arranging proper travel plans, vehicles, journey tickets, reservations, teacher escorts (at least one lady teacher to escort girl participants), food and stay allowances etc.

(2B: 1) As a Cultural coordinator his/her services shall be sought after by other organization i.e. Halls of Residence, Departments, colleges etc to organize inter hall or inter university programs at their levels.

(2B: 2)The coordinator of CEC shall works towards a goal to promote CEC as a “Brand” in all hemispheres of Art & Culture in National as well as International levels.