Duties of the Student Convener

D:1) The Student Convener of the Club: Nominated to look after the Club as representative of that club for one academic session. The Student Convener of the Club shall be expected to visit the club on daily basis, including holidays if required. Except during the period of his/her academic engagement examinations etc.

D:2) The Student Convener of the club; Shall be nominated from the list of claimants for the Secretary ship of that club or shall be nominated amongst the senior members with the mutual consent of the club members or in case of dispute among them the Student Convener could be selected through secret ballot paper. In this case voters shall be the regular members of that particular club. The Student Convener shall be nominated if:

i. Selection Board while selecting secretary found no candidate suitable for the post of secretary. They can nominate best among them as Student Convener of the club.

ii. Or could call deserving candidate (not from the list of applicants) to serve as Student Convener.

iii. When the club secretary not able to attend the club for more than a month, or left midway of the session due to health ground, studies, appointment, completion of studies, legal tangle, suspension (from university, CEC) or death etc.

iv. When any club has come up with a very active Forum/Section, which would not be managed by a single secretary then Selection Board on the request of Presidents/ Instructors/Mentors shall choose and nominate a suitable candidates on above said norms sited in clause.

v. If any club simultaneously organizing two mega events/festivals/ competitions or within a very short span of time the Student Convener may be appointed to facilitate smooth functioning of the events. In that case no other organizing secretary shall be appointed for that event.

vi. If BOMAP has decided or competent authority desired to extend CEC’s domain to the campuses away from Kennedy House i.e Halls of Residence for Girls, a Student Convener may be appointed for that place.

D:3) The nomination of Student Convener of the club is

a) To look after the club activities on regular basis.

b) To create conducive environment in the club for the creative pursuits of the club members by developing core groups amongst the members.

c) To identify their hidden talent and pass on to the President of the club for giving them better opportunities to perform.

d) To manage time slot and equal opportunities to the club members with a impartial and systematic approach.

e) To help in designing the activity calendar with the president by organizing an open discussion with the club members on the abilities, availabilities of them i.e exam schedules, holidays, time they can easily devote etc.

f) To constitute a team of volunteers/organizers for every event and get their name for approval from the competent authority (president /Coordinator), so they get their due recognition, certificate, attendance etc.

g) To take feedback from the club members regarding their problems and communicate to the President of the club.

h) To take stock of any volatile situation, act promptly to defuse the situation which arises due to some wrangle among the club members.

i) To make cordial relations with the secretaries of other clubs and extend cooperation and joint ventures when ever required.

j) To represent his/her club in the meetings in dignified manners.

k) To communicate the schedules to concerned members/invites through email/Whatsapp/Facebook/invites etc.

l) To submit booking entreat of Auditorium, Rehearsal Hall, lawns, stage, class rooms, accommodation etc (at least one week in advance) to the dealing assistance and confirm their booking.

m) To ascertain that yearly activity calendar is followed efficiently all through the session, and also supervise rehearsals and other preparations within the club.

n) To filter out “bad apples” amongst the club members, who hamper the club functioning, and keep their involvement to minimum.

o) To keep vigil on illegal entry of non students, non members in the club, and report their invasion to the President, Coordinator etc.

p) To ensure the well-being and safety of club members from any physical, mental ordeal during their stay in the club. And also ensure the protection upkeep of instruments, equipment, and furniture in the custody of club or CEC in general.

q) To organize membership drive with pleasant and innovative methods.

r) To arrange screening test/interview for the new entrants.

s) To organize outreach activity program in AMU and outside the campus.

t) To look after the publicity, print, display, web posting Facebook contents by proper proof reading and taking approval of their designing development and placements from President/Mentor/Coordinator etc.

u) To prepare purchase inventory and submit proper receipts as per the purchase norms of the university by putting signature for verification.

v) To prepare submit the list of certificate awardees, annual club report through the President/ Mentor to the coordinator, and distribute related materials among the recipients.

w) To follow the instructions, given to him/her by the secretary, president, mentor of the club or by the coordinator CEC.

x) In case of sub-charge (Secretary of the club also present), the convener shall obey and execute the plan in consultation with the secretary of the club and also report the activities of the section/Centre to him/her on weekly basis.