Duties of Presidents of the clubs

(3A: 1) The Coordinator CEC shall appoint the President of Cultural Club, for the period of initially for two years which may be extended to further term/years by the competent authority.

(3A: 2) In the selection of the President of a CEC club few important element should be taken in to consideration:

(3A: 2a)Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor who has good knowledge, experience or expertise in that particular discipline.

(3A: 2b) or has effective association in the past as secretary/student convener, organizing secretary of program/event in that club or served as president in the past.

(3A: 2c) or served in student’s domain for quite some time i.e. warden, assistant proctor, president in games committee, assistant DSW etc, or as a student worked in NSS, NCC, Students’ Union (as cabinet, Secretary, President)

(3A: 2d) or brought laurels related to any of the disciplines of CEC.

(3A: 2e) should possess plenty of aptitude and enthusiasm to promote student centric activities in the club.

(3A: 2f) Ready to invest time, talent and energy for these creative pursuits of club members.

(3B: 1) The list of the president approved by the competent authority and widely circulated in the university, shall be sent to the selected president by the coordinator, along with a request letter to join the team.

(3B: 2) The newly appointed president shall submit his/her joining letter to the coordinator (sample attached Annexure…) in a set format with oath to serve it to his/her fullest. Then he/she shall be given tour of CEC in general and respective club in particular. The president shall be introduce to the supporting staff of CEC dealing assistant of the club, secretary/students’ convener etc. The dealing assistant and office head also escort him/her for physical verification and given charge of all the assets/equipment/furniture/books etc. He/she shall be given access/password of software or portal (if any) of the club.

(3B: 3) The President of club shall attend club activities on “weekly twice” basis in Lean Activity Period and on daily basis during the preparatory phases of all the Macro and Micro Programs. This shall be mandatory.

(3B: 4) The job of President of a club is

(3B: 4a) To initiate different activities of his club, through imbuing motivation, enthusiasm, proper encouragement and creative and innovative ideas in the members of the club.

(3B: 4b) To identify hidden talents, with the help of the Secretary of the club among the members.

(3B: 4c) To inculcate creativity, and channelize their abilities for a better positive change in their personality.

(3B: 4d) To supervised their activities, and trained them to own responsibility and do the job in a befitting manner.

(3B: 4e) To check and correct contents of their program for omission (if any) of obscene, un-parliamentary language, corrosive remark, undignified gestures etc.

(3B: 4f) To maintain discipline and cordial atmosphere in the club.

(3B: 4g)To ensure that equal opportunities shall be given to the members to practice, perform in the club, and to discard discrimination among the members in the club/ events/programs etc.

(3B: 4h) To look after the maintenance and procurement of equipment and their proper upkeep in the club.

(3B: 4i)To manage time slots, opening closing time of club according to the requirement and demand of club members.

(3B: 4j) To ensure proper utilization of funds through stakeout on purchase/procurement of materials during the club events/club meetings/program etc.

(3B: 4k)To appoint student convener/organizers in the club events with consultation of the club secretary and senior members.

(3B: 4l)To check and finalize the contents of print, publicity materials, video, web content etc.

(3B: 4m)To arrange experts/workshops/training sessions for the benefits of club members.

(3B: 4n)To conduct audition/tests etc. to finalize the team[s] for the local as well as outside events/competitions etc.

(3B: 4o)To look after their travel itinerary and other arrangements of teams visiting other places.

(3B: 4p)To verify and put a counter signature on Bills (purchase), Vouchers, proposals, certificates and other documents, information (including RTI) related to club activities and on and when a forwarding authorities’ counter signature shall be needed.

(3B: 4q)To help in designing the annual activity calendar of club.

(3B: 4r)To represent club/CEC when needed or requested/deputed by the coordinator or the competent authority.

(3B: 4s)To take stock of upcoming events, competitions, availability of books, digital materials, records, experts, through contacts, web alert, net surfing and so on.

(3B: 4t)To arrange or hire items for the club events/activities.

(3B: 4u)To check regularly inputs, complaints and suggestion collected in a drop box of the club.

(3B: 4v) To maintain interiors, furniture, paints in a taste full manner.

(3B: 4w)To organize intro session of new arrival and midterm session and valedictory session of the club.

(3B: 4x)To arrange experts and conduct nomination trials for the admissions.

(3B: 4y) To keep close vigil and attendance/participation of the candidates enrolled through nomination, that they should full fill the cause for which they are nominated in outstanding talent category, and also to keep vigil on the attendance and participation of club members as well as Secretary/students’ convener. In case of any discrepancy he/she shall report this matter to the Coordinator or Discipline Committee.

(3B: 4z)To submit final chart of expenditure to account in-charge, and complete achievements and activity report of the session to coordinator of CEC.