Duties of Club Mentors

C:1) The Club Mentor: A senior faculty (Senior than President of the club in standing in the University), or in exceptional cases retired faculty member may be engaged to done a job of mentor of the club. He/she must have experience and interest in the related field.

Note: The post of Mentor is not mandatory, however it is better to appoint, experienced and senior faculty/expert for better training and guidance of the club members.

C:2) He/she shall be selected by the coordinator for the term of two year or extended to further term/years. The name(s) of the nominated mentors shall be sending to the competent authority along with the list of presidents or on a separate note sheet or in digital format through email/internet for the approval. The mentor is expected to visit at least once in a week to his/her club, and on non-availability of the club president thrice in a week.

C:3) The Mentors job is

a) To invent and suggest in-house activities of the club to the President and the secretary of the club.

b) To act as a catalyst/advisor in all club activities, events, program, workshops, festivals, competitions etc, or extend his/her expertise whenever required or requested for.

c) In absence of the President, the mentor shall routinely become facilitator of the club, for which the mentor does not need formal authority letter to look after the day to day working of the club. However in some cases if the President authorized some other President as his/her substitute in-absentia, the Mentor shall not interfere in the club’s functioning.

d) The Mentor shall keep vigil on the development and the opportunities in the related field, and communicated it for the advantage of the students.

e) The Mentor of the club shall tap his/her contacts for the placements/training of the club members. He/she shall act as TPO of the club.

f) To represent club in the meetings/discussion or whenever he/she shall be called/requested for.

g) The Mentor of the club (working faculty) may be requested to act as acting Coordinator of CEC by the Coordinator or the competent authority.

h) To assist/advice to the president in all aspect including print/digital material, web posting etc.

i) Mentor shall prepare contingency plan of every event with consultation of president, and the secretary/student convener, secretary general of coordination committee.

C:4) The Secretary of the Club: Selected among the bonafide students on the recommendation of Selection Board of CEC for one academic session. The Secretary shall be expected to visit the club on daily basis, including holidays if required. Except during the period of his/her academic engagement examinations etc.

C:5) The Secretary is appointed/selected

a) To create conducive environment in the club for the creative pursuits of the club members.

b) To act as a frontrunner and representative of the club members in all aspect, and help them to identify/demonstrate their hidden talent.

c) To manage time slot and equal opportunities to the club members with an impartial and systematic approach.

d) To create hassle free, tussle free informal environment of openness in such a way that club’s discipline does not impede in any means.

e) To help in designing the activity calendar with the president by organizing an open discussion with the club members on the abilities, availabilities of them i.e. exam schedules, holidays, time they can easily devote etc.

f) To chalk out, modalities, requirements of the event, submit them to the President, and then pursue their official progress for the approval.

g) To constitute a team of volunteers/organizers for every event and get their names for approval from the competent authority, so they get there due recognition, certificate, attendance etc.

h) To take feedback from the club members regarding their problems and shall try to sort out with the club President/Mentor or for that matter with the Coordinator CEC.

i) To obey and execute orders of the President/mentor, Coordinator.

j) To make cordial relations with the secretaries of other clubs and extend cooperation and joint ventures when ever required.

k) To represent his/her club in the meeting with dignified manner.

l) To take stock of present scenario in the related field by making contacts with the cultural secretaries of other institutions/organizations.

m) To communicate the schedules to concerned members/invites through email/Whatsapp/Facebook/invites etc.

n) To organize meetings of different forums on time to time and communicate output plans/requirement to the competent authority. i.e. President, Mentor Coordinator.

o) To submit booking entries of Auditorium, Rehearsal Hall, Prep Room, Library, Lounge, Café, lawns, stage, class rooms, accommodation etc. (at least one week in advance) to the dealing assistance and confirm their booking.

p) To check yearly activity calendar should be followed efficiently all through the session, and shall supervise rehearsals and other preparations of the club.

q) To filter out “bad sectors” amongst the club members, who hampered the club functioning, and keep their involvement to minimum and put them to fragmentation.

r) To keep vigil on illegal entry of non-students, non members in the club, and report their invasion to the President, Coordinator etc.

s) To ensure the well-being and safety of club members from any physical, mental ordeal during their stay in the club. And also ensure the protection upkeep of instruments, equipment, and furniture in the custody of club or CEC in general.

t) To organize membership drive with pleasant and innovative methods.

u) To arrange screening test/interview for the new entrants.

v) To organize outreach activity program in AMU and outside the campus.

w) To look after the publicity, print, web posting Facebook contents by proper proof reading and taking approval of their designing development and placements from President/Mentor Coordinator etc.

x) To prepare purchase inventory and submit proper receipts as per the purchase norms of the university by putting signature for verification.

y) To prepare submit the list of certificate awardees, annual club report through the President/ Mentor to the coordinator, and distributed related materials among the recipients.